Pagination example


Most pages require an implementation for pagination of results. The best approach for me is to use AJAX, using Zones, some javascript to maintain the correct URL and some mixin to user experience.

You can see the example below with results and pagination with "prev" and "next" button with an optional mixin to show the progress of the request.


Item 0
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6
Item 7
Item 8
Item 9
Item 10
Item 11
Item 12
Item 13
Item 14
Item 15
Item 16
Item 17
Item 18
Item 19

Source codes

   xmlns:p="tapestry:parameter" >
   <t:textoutput value="message:ajax.pagination.description" />
   <t:zone t:id="paginationZone" id="paginationZone">
      <t:loop source="items" value="item">
         <div class="panel panel-default">${item}</div>
      <ul class="pager">
            <!-- I use the mixing LoadingOnClick, but it's optional -->
            <a href="#" t:id="prevPage" t:type="EventLink" t:event="changePage" t:context="prev" t:zone="^" 
               t:mixins="LoadingOnClick" t:text="loading"><span>${message:ajax.pagination.prev}</span>
            <!-- I use the mixing LoadingOnClick, but it's optional -->
            <a href="#" t:id="nextPage" t:type="EventLink" t:event="changePage" t:context="next" t:zone="^" 
               t:mixins="LoadingOnClick" t:text="loading"><span>${}</span>
      <t:codeTab source="classpath:es/carlosmontero/webapp/t5devutil/pages/ajax/PaginationPage.tml"/>
      <t:codeTab source="classpath:es/carlosmontero/webapp/t5devutil/pages/ajax/" />
      <t:codeTab classpathSource="/META-INF/modules/pagination.js" />
      <t:codeTab source="classpath:es/carlosmontero/webapp/t5devutil/mixins/" />
      <t:codeTab classpathSource="/META-INF/modules/load-on-click.js" />